The high desert is a soft palate of rolling monotona! hills, and bright blue skies. This quiet serenity is joined by the blossoming of brilliantly colored wildflowers following desert downpours. Our community honors these beauties every spring!

Seeking after the multiple varieties wildflowers are unique desert dwellers, including the
protected Mojave desert tortoise. Interesting insects that are specific to these flowers come to join in the pollination and celebration of spring!

Shutterbugs, young & old, are often seen roaming the countryside, hoping to capture the perfect desert picture! Trailheads are mapped out for tranquil strolls, where you will experience wildflowers, ground squirrels, desert iguanas, birds, and much more! Don't forget the famous desert sunrises & sunsets...they are extraordinary!

At the downtown festival, there are informative guest speakers, inspiring artwork, delicious food, and thoughtful souvenirs.

Other fun activities in the desert include mountain-biking, geocaching, stargazing, and more!

horsesWhile you are here, take a ride out to the holding pens of the legendary American 

mustangs and wild burros. You will fall in love with these majestic creatures. Don't come empty-handed...Carrots are required for these guys!

Ridgecrest is a full-service town with hotels, restuarants, museums, shops and a local movie theater.


What you wont experience here is smoggy traffic and honking horns! Do you remember what "quiet" sounds like?



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